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Featured Short Stories

Additional Publications

"They Hide in the Hills"

No Sleep Podcast (Forthcoming)

"Mara Runs"

Black Sheep: Unique Tales of Terror  (Forthcoming)

"Waiting for Abalone Over A Discussion

of Favorite Books"

Bethlehem Writers Roundtable (Forthcoming)

"A Memo from Your Overworked P.R.

Agent On How to Be Famous"

Defenestration (Forthcoming)

"Something Ugly"

North American Review (Forthcoming)

"A Wrong Turn on Versailles”
Iron Horse Literary Review (forthcoming Oct., 2024)

“Resign Your Liberty”
(Formerly“Duga”) Footnote, #10 (forthcoming July, 2024)

"Gentian Violet"

New Flash Fiction ReviewI (May 15, 2024)

The Closest Thing to Acid”
Atticus Review (April 15, 2024)

Philadelphia Stories (Winter/Spring 2024)

“Massage Therapy”

Halloween Party 2023 (Gravelight Press)

“The Paramedic”

Creepy Podcast (Bonus Content 4/3/23)          

“Retirement Blues”

Ink Stain Anthology, Vol. 14 (Oct. 2022)


The MacGuffin (Fall 2017)

“On Rattlesnake Preserve”

The Quill Magazine (Mar. 10, 2017)


The Quill Magazine (Feb. 3, 2017)

“Last Meal”

Stoneboat (Fall 2016, Pushcart nominee)

Second Child
Xavier Review (Summer 2015)

“Walls” (short-listed Aeon Award)

Sanitarium, (Aug.31, 2015)

“Schrödinger’s Cat”

Best Short Stories from the Saturday Evening Post Great American Fiction Contest, 2014, Honorable Mention. E-anthology


Revolver (Oct. 2013) 

“Being There the Night Dr. John Died” 

Bellow Literary Journal (Issue 2.1)       

“Whatever You Say”

The Veranda (1998)

“Urban Myths”

Tulane Review (Spring 1997)

“Something from Montreal”

Tulane Review (Fall 1996)          

"From Dallas to Venice"

Above Ground: An Anthology of Southern 

Writers (Xavier Press, 1993)

"Fitting In"

Xavier Review (Spring 1992)

"Venetian Dolphins"

Ellipsis (Spring 1992)

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